November 12th, 2014

Garth Brooks: childhood dream fulfilled

Over the weekend, I lost my voice, strained nearly every muscle in my body, and overall felt exhausted, like I had been hit by a large dump truck filled with one ton of snow.
But it was my own fault as I stayed out much too late Thursday night in Minneapolis, fulfilling my ’90s childhood dream and seeing GARTH.
Yes, I was one of the very lucky thousands who got tickets to see Garth Brooks live in concert at the Target Center, and Thursday afternoon, my friends, Brittany and Jason, and I, headed east to see our country idol.

Here’s to my veteran hero — my Dad

I remember looking over my mother’s shoulder one evening — this was way back in the early 1970s — as she was writing a letter.
“My Darling,” it started. She was writing to my dad, and it was the first time I had any indication that my parents had a relationship that didn’t include their children.
That was as far as I read. I felt like I was prying into something private that I had no business being involved in.

Politics as usual, not as designed

To the Editor:
This year’s political nonsense is another wake-up call for citizens. We all shake our heads in disgust as all we hear is how bad “the other guy” is for us. No one even bothers to run on a “platform” anymore. None of them even claim to be a representative for “we the people.”

County Board talks e-cigs again

The McLeod County Board of Commissioners will hopefully see a revised proposal for amendments to its tobacco ordinance, to include e-cigarettes and other “tobacco-delivery” devices, at its Nov. 17 meeting.
The County Board had originally heard proposed changes to its ordinance in October from its public health staff, but postponed making a decision until its Nov. 17 meeting, hoping to get more public input.

‘Shrek’ opens Thursday night

Glencoe-Silver Lake High School opens its fall musical production of “Shrek” this Thursday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. at the GSL High School Auditorium.
The musical, based on the 2001 DreamWorks Animation motion picture and the book by William Steig, is centered around Shrek, an irritable green ogre, who loves the solitude in his swamp and finds his life interrupted when an abundance of fairytale characters are exiled there by Lord Farquaad.

Incumbents keep township offices

Seven of McLeod County’s 14 townships held their annual elections in conjunction with the Nov. 4 general election. All had open supervisor seats on the ballots, while others also had either treasurer or clerk positions open. Results included:

Concerns raised about county’s first attempt at prime-and-seal work

McLeod County’s first try at a prime-and-seal road project may need some fixing up, the County Board heard at its Nov. 4 meeting.
The county used funds generated by its wheelage tax to use the prime-and-seal method to provide a blacktop-like surface on Tagus Avenue, west of Lake Marion.
Pete Maiers, chairman of the Collins Township Board of Supervisors, said residents were disappointed with the results.
Maiers said he rode with the construction crew during the application, and the result was an inconsistent surface with ruts.

Winter roars in like a lion

GSL students collect steel

Lions clubs donate dictionaries