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Bride & Groom 2017

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The Temple
Service Center
. . . more than just tuxes p.8
A Special Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
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JANUARY 25 2015
Patience, understanding
and a good faith in God
the secrets to a 55-year marriage p.7
• Information
• Services
• Ideas & Tips
Page 2 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
Temple Service Center ..............8
Sewing Cellar ................................2
Catering - Food/Alcohol
Chef Craig’s Caterers ..................4
Crow River Golf Club ..................6
Dubb’s Grill & Bar ........................4
Glencoe Wine & Spirits ..............7
Unhinged Pizza..........................10
Red’s Cafe ....................................11
The Flower Mill ............................8
The French Bucket ......................7
Formal Wear
Downtown Clothing Co.............2
Temple Service Center ..............8
Hotel Accommodations
AmericInn Waconia ....................6
Franklin Printing, Inc. ..................5
Hall Rental
AmericInn Waconia ....................6
Arlington Community Center ..11
Crow River Golf Club ..................6
Crow River Winery ......................8
Dubb’s Grill & Bar ........................4
Glencoe City Center ....................5
Hutchinson Event Center..........4
Unhinged Pizza..........................10
Pla-Mor Ballroom......................10
Silver Lake Auditorium..............6
McLeod County
Chronicle....................3, 9, 10, 11
Briest Bus, LLC................................6
Kingston Coaches........................5
Bursch Travel ..............................11
Thank you to all of our advertisers in the 2015 Bride & Groom supplement.
Thank you to June & Cliff Bussler and The Temple for the interviews.
Published by McLeod Publishing, Inc.
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Rental w/5 Paid
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Tuxedo Rental
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Becky Koktan
1514 11
St. E. • Glencoe, MN
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Professional Tailor
35+ Years Experience
Wedding Gowns,
Mother of Bride
Many Satisfied
Alterations –
Men’s & Women’s
Flexible Hours including Evenings & Weekends
To obtain a Certified Copy of a Marriage Certificate: Effective 8/1/2007
(You may make your request in person or by mail)
1. Send us the full name of the groom, the full maiden name of the bride and the
date of the marriage. You must have purchased your Marriage License from
McLeod County for us to be able to provide you with the Certified Copy.
2. Send $9.00 for the first copy and $2.00 for each additional copy requested for the
same record. Make your check payable to McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer.
3. Send the request and the correct dollar amount to:
McLeod County Auditor-Treasurer
2391 Hennepin Ave. N.
Glencoe, MN 55336
To apply for a Marriage License:
1. Complete a Marriage License Application.
2. As of August 1, 2009 BOTH parties will need to
be present when applying for a marriage li-
cense. If you are not able to both be present than
the Marriage Application Supplemental form will
need to be filled out & notarized.
3. The fee is $115.00 if no pre-marital counseling has
been completed. The fee is $40.00 if 12 hours of
pre-marital counseling has been completed AND
we have a signed & notarized form from the per-
son who provided the counseling. As of August
1, 2009, the form will need to have a notarized
signature to be accepted.
4. If either has been divorced, we need the official
date of divorce and the name of the court.
5. There i s a 5-day wai ti ng peri od, not i ncl udi ng the day that you appl y.
(On the fifth day you may marry.)
6. The Marriage License is valid for 6 months. You must marry within that time or the
license will expire.
(No Birth Certificates, Driver's License, or Blood tests are required in Minnesota)
Information courtesy of: http://www.co.mcleod.mn.us
Marriage License information
January 25, 2015 Page 3 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
Metro Creative Connection
Once wedding vows and rings have
been exchanged, many couples join
their friends and family to celebrate with
a wedding reception. Many brides and
grooms eagerly await the moment when
they can make their grand entrance to
the reception, and over the years it has
become customary for couples to make
a bit of a splash when making their first
appearance as husband and wife. Some
enter with a special song. Others prefer
something a bit more theatrical. Explore
these ideas for memorable wedding re-
ception entrances.
• Catch guests by surprise. Wedding
guests will probably expect the wedding
party to enter through a certain door
and the bride and groom to follow after-
ward. An element of surprise, such as the
couple rising from the floor or appearing
from a different area in the reception
hall, may not require a lot of planning
but can have a dramatic effect. Unpre-
dictable entrances also include unex-
pected song choices or dramatic light-
ing to immediately draw everyone’s at-
• Stick to one or two songs. Some
couples think it might be fun to have
each member of the wedding party
enter with a different song. Not only will
this take a lot of coordination on the
part of the deejay, but it can make the
entrance choppy as well. Introductions
may go more smoothly if couples have
the entire wedding party enter to a par-
ticular song that revs up the crowd and
gets them excited for the grand en-
trance. At the height of the song, the
bride and groom will enter. The entrance
typically segues into a couple’s first
• Go with people’s strengths. A cou-
ple may want to showcase special skills
as they enter the reception hall. There’s
no limit to what couples can do, from ac-
robatic techniques to tap dancing to
juggling. If it’s entertaining, it very well
may prove memorable.
• Make sure everyone is on board.
Couples should recognize that some
members of the wedding party may be
uncomfortable acting like clowns in
front of a crowd. Do not force anyone to
participate in crazy antics if they do not
want to. Find things each member of a
wedding party feels comfortable doing.
Couples may want their bridal party
members to enter in a more traditional
way before the newlyweds do some-
thing more dramatic and humorous.
• Include the entrance in your plan-
ning. If you want to follow a certain
theme, such as “Star Wars” or “Mission
Impossible,” coordinate in advance with
a deejay or band members. Talk about
what, if any, props you plan to use and
the type of music that will be playing. If
entrances involve choreography, be cer-
tain to practice in advance of the wed-
ding so everything will work out well
and look professional. However, even
stunts that go awry can be entertaining
and funny for guests.
• Low-key entrances are acceptable,
too. Couples who aren’t into much fan-
fare should not feel pressured to make
an entrance with a dance routine or to
have any stunning visual effects. If you
want a low-key introduction, arrange for
such an entrance with the emcee.
Wedding entrances are what a couple
makes of them, and they can run the
gamut from traditional introductions to
theatrical skits and dance routines.
Creative ways to make a memorable
wedding entrance
made easy
Weddings are one-of-a-kind occa-
si ons. Weddi ngs al so tend to be
stressful, even for the most laid-back
people. But a honeymoon gives the
couple a chance to enjoy uninter-
rupted moments together and
serves as a way to recuperate from
the months and sometimes years of
wedding planning.
Honeymoons are a beloved wed-
ding tradition, and some couples
even combine their weddings and
honeymoons by opting for a destina-
tion wedding. Because the honey-
moon should be a way to unwind on
a dream vacation, booking the hon-
eymoon and setting an itinerary
should not add to the pressure of
pl anni ng, and the fol l owi ng ti ps
should make planning a honeymoon
a snap.
• Research your destination.
Learn all you can about a destination
before booking your honeymoon.
Study the weather for the time of
year you will be on your honeymoon,
and learn about currency exchange,
local rules and regulations and other
pertinent factors to determine the
best places to visit. You do not want
to be met with surprises that might
compromise your trip upon arriving
to your honeymoon destination.
• Book well in advance. The soon-
er you choose your destination, the
faster you can begin the process of
applying for passports, visas or other
necessary documents. Booking early
also guarantees you better seats on
the flight and the ability to negotiate
• Give yourself a full day be-
tween the wedding and embark-
ing on your trip. Scenes of couples
being whisked away to the airport
right after the reception dwindles
down are commonplace. But that
doesn’t mean you need to leave right
after the final dance. Allow some
breathing room to pack, deposit
wedding gifts, return tuxedoes, and
tackle any other post-wedding tasks.
Save the romantic “first night” as a
couple for the honeymoon and enjoy
a well-deserved night’s sleep.
• Purchase travel insurance. One
way to alleviate the stress of plan-
ning a wedding is to ensure your
honeymoon investment is protected
in the event of bad weather or other
unforeseen circumstances. Travel in-
surance is a safety net that can come
in handy. Speak with a travel agent or
insurance agent about how to secure
travel insurance for the honeymoon.
• Pack light. Don’t burden yourself
down wi th a l ot of bel ongi ngs.
Chances are you’ l l pi ck up new
things and mementos on the trip,
and packing light makes traversing
airports that much easier.
Don’t forget to pick up your Bridal Packet from the McLeod County Chronicle!
This packet contains a copy of the wedding section along with engagement and wedding announcement forms.
You can register for a chance to win a pair of tickets to
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres!
At the end of 2015, one lucky couple whose engagement was announced in the
Chronicle will win a pair of Chanhassen Dinner Theatres tickets courtesy of:
The McLeod County Chronicle
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Page 4 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
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2015 Wedding
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Metro Creative Connection
A bachelor party is a tradition that
some might be surprised to learn ex-
tends far beyond North America. Though
bachelor parties go by many different
names, these get-togethers held for a
man shortly before he gets married are
enjoyed in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia
and South Africa.
The responsibility of planning a bache-
lor party traditionally falls on the shoul-
ders of the groom-to-be’s best man, who
can choose to plan the party on his own
or enlist the help of his fellow grooms-
men. I mmor tal i zed i n fi l ms such as
1984’s “Bachelor Party” and the 2009
comedy “The Hangover,” bachelor par-
ties range from the tame to the relatively
raucous to the outrageous. While best-
men-to-be might be nervous about
planning a bachelor party, the following
are a handful of tips for men who want
to make a friend or family member’s
bachelor weekend as memorable as pos-
• Don’t go it alone. Just because you
are the best man does not mean you
need to plan the entire bachelor party
on your own. While you might want to
add a few special and personal touches
to the festivities, that does not mean you
can’ t enl i st the hel p of your fel l ow
groomsmen or the groom’s friends who
are not included in the bridal party. En-
listing the help of others can be especial-
ly helpful when planning a party for a
large group, which can be difficult to or-
ganize. If the group is large and spread
out, ask someone to represent each par-
ticular group of friends, such as child-
hood friends, college buddies and any
professional associates who will be join-
ing in the festivities. If the groom is your
family mem-
ber, you can
take on the
ty of coordi-
nating with
family mem-
bers. Break-
i ng thi ngs
down can
make it easi-
er to organ-
ize and help
the groom’s
other cl ose
friends and
family members feel like they are more
involved in the festivities.
• Ask the groom for a list of invitees.
While it’s tradition to prevent the guest
of honor from participating in the plan-
ning, it is a good idea to ask the groom
for a list of people he wants to invite. This
can help a best man who is not familiar
with all of a groom’s friend’s or associates
to organize the party, and it also ensures
that friends who were not invited to the
wedding are not mistakenly invited to
the bachel or par ty. I n addi ti on, the
groom may want certain people exclud-
ed from the festivities for personal rea-
sons, so asking him for a list of invitees
can help avoid any confusion or conflicts
down the road.
• Choose a different locale for the
bachelor and bachelorette parties.
Many cou-
pl es have
their bache-
l or and
b a c h e -
lorette par-
ties on the
same week-
end, and
such parties
are meant
to be a
chance for
the groom
to spend
ti me wi th
his male friends while the bride spends
time with her female friends. So when
planning the bachelor party, the best
man should ensure he does not choose
the same locale as the maid of honor
chooses for the bachelorette party. While
many couples have abandoned tradi-
tional bachelor and bachelorette parties
in favor of one big party for everyone a
couple of nights before the wedding,
those who are sticking to tradition likely
want to keep the festivities separate. A
best man can work with his female coun-
terpart, the maid of honor, to ensure the
parties don’t cross paths.
• Plan at least one special event for
the weekend. While many men would
be content to enjoy one last weekend
hanging out with their male friends be-
fore tying the knot, one way to make the
weekend even more memorable for the
groom-to-be is to plan at least one spe-
cial event, which can act as the center-
piece of the weekend. This special event
may include a group trip to attend a
sporting event or an evening seeing the
groom’s favorite band perform live. The
event should cater to one of the groom’s
interests, and if possible, keep things a
surprise to make it even more memo-
• Limit the groom’s financial respon-
sibility. Chances are the groom has
enough on his plate with regard to pay-
ing for his wedding, so it’s best to limit
the groom’s financial responsibility as
much as possible. Don’t let him buy any
drinks or food all weekend, and if you
can afford to do so, foot the bill for his
transportation and lodging as well. While
such gestures are certainly not obligato-
ry, they are thoughtful and will mean a
lot to the groom-to-be.
Planning a bachelor party might come
with some pressure, but men tasked with
such a responsibility should remember
to have fun and enlist others’ help when
Bachelor party planning pointers
Chef Craig’s
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★ Uniforms are worn
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★ References
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• Weddings • Anniversaries
• Corporate Functions • Special Events
• Church Functions
The Hutchinson Event Center is the
perfect location for your event!
• Meeting rooms for 30-1100 people • Accommodates up to 525 people for banquets
• Caterer ready kitchen • Audio/visual capabilities
The Event Center has numerous set up options for
meetings, weddings, craft fairs, and interviews.
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• Seminars
Room Rentals,
(Food & Alcohol)
Catering for...
• Bridal Showers
• Groom’s Dinners
• Wedding Receptions
• Anniversaries
January 25, 2015 Page 5 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
Choose from a wide selection for your invitations,
dance cards, wedding bulletins, napkins, thank you
cards, other wedding accessories, and more.
You may take our catalogs home with you overnight.
Use our Photo Machine to create your own unique
Save The Date Cards – Invitations – and MORE!
719 13
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Mon.,Wed. , Fri. 8-5;
Tu.,Thurs. 8-6; Sat. 9-3
25 1
St. W., Waconia
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Mon.,Wed., Fri. 8-5
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Franklin Printing Inc.
For a Perfect Wedding...
Paper & Craft
Supplies for
DIY Wedding
When Life is a
sometimes you just need a little transportation to get you there!
Our Services Include:
• Weddings • Anniversaries • Bar Shuttle
• Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
• Accommodate up to 24 Passengers
• Alcohol and Food Allowed • Fully Licensed and Insured
Owned and Operated by Ryan Barrick
Call: 320-583-2674 to reserve your date!
Kingston Coaches – Hutch
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Going on
Let US drive you
to the airport
and back.
Hannah Huttner-Hallahan
City Center Event Coordinator
Glencoe City Center
he 2014 Glencoe Bridal Expo
featured over 27 vendors from
Glencoe and the surrounding
area providing everything a local bride
would need for their special day and be-
yond. There were photographers, travel
agents, printing companies, caterers,
florists, decorators, dress and formalwear
vendors, cake decorators and more all
on hand to answer questions and show
off their services and products.
The fashion show featured the latest
bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses
from All About Brides of Prior Lake and
men’s attire from Glencoe’s own Temple
Service Center. We are excited that both
will be back again in 2015. Last year was
a success and we cannot wait to see all
the new brides at the next Glencoe
Bridal Expo.
The 2015 Glencoe Bridal Expo will be
held on Sunday, March 1
from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m. at the Glencoe City Center
where there will be a variety of vendors
ready to help in planning every aspect
of your wedding from the bridal shower
to the honeymoon to the thank you
cards. A fashion show at 1:30 p.m. will
feature bridal gowns, bridesmaids dress-
es, tuxedos and suits courtesy of All
About Brides of Prior Lake and Temple
Service Center of Glencoe. In addition to
attire, there will be vendors from Glen-
coe and the
sur r ound-
i ng area
available to
a n s w e r
questi ons,
a d d r e s s
c o n c e r n s
you may
have, and
hel p i n
p l a n n i n g
ever y as-
pect of
your wed-
ding rang-
i ng from
florists to photographers to caterers and
The Bridal Expo is free and open to the
public. The 2015 Glencoe Bridal Expo –
helping to make your dream wedding a
fâÇwtç? `tÜv{ D? ECDH
ZÄxÇvÉx V|àç VxÇàxÜ
Glencoe Bridal Expo –
helping to make your dream wedding a reality
Did you
There are various theories as to the
origin of the word “honeymoon.” One
such theory suggests the word traces
its origins to the Old English phrase
“hony moone,” which suggests the
honeymoon was initially steeped in
cynicism. “Hony” is a reference to
honey and, the theory suggests,
refers to the strong feelings of affec-
tion and sweetness newly married
couples harbor and display for each
other. However, “moone” is a refer-
ence to how fleeting this period of
time is and how it is likely to change
as quickly as the moon changes. One
rosier theory as to the origin of the
word “honeymoon” suggests the
word dates back to the fifth century,
when calendars were based on the
moon cycl e. Duri ng thi s peri od,
newly married couples drank mead
(which accounts for the “honey”)
throughout their first month of mar-
riage (or for a full cycle of the moon),
as mead was a beverage many be-
lieved to be an aphrodisiac.
Page 6 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
Metro Creative Connection
Wedding invitations are often a great
source of information for guests. While
wedding websites also provide a great
opportunity for couples to get the word
out about their weddings and share per-
tinent details like the date and location
of the wedding, many people are still un-
familiar with the concept of a wedding
website, and therefore they rely on invi-
tations as their primary source of infor-
mation about a wedding.
One of the most important bits of in-
formation couples must include on their
wedding invitations is the RSVP date. The
RSVP, which stands for “repondez s’il vous
plait,” is a couple’s request for a response
to their invitation. The RSVP is typically a
specific date by which guests must let
the couple tying the knot know whether
or not they plan to attend the wedding.
There are no rules that govern how far
i n advance of the weddi ng coupl es
should ask their guests to RSVP, but
some venues might want a final head-
count or at least a close estimate of the
final countdown three to four weeks be-
fore the big day. As a result, it’s best to
ask guests to RSVP at least three weeks
before the wedding and preferably four
to five weeks before the festivities com-
If invitations are mailed two to three
months prior to the wedding, that gives
guests ample time to determine whether
they can or cannot join in the celebra-
tion. While many guests will respond im-
mediately or in plenty of time for cou-
ples to arrange seating and notify their
reception venue, nearly every bride and
groom has been forced to deal with
guests who simply failed to respond to
their invitations, a potentially precarious
position for couples to find themselves
i n as thei r weddi ng day qui ckl y ap-
When guests fail to respond on time,
couples should maintain their compo-
sure and not take it as a sign of disre-
spect or indifference. Guests might not
be planning a wedding, but chances are
they’re busy, too, and their failure to re-
spond is likely just a mistake. Before con-
tacting those who failed to provide a
timely response, wait a few extra days so
responses that were mailed at the last
minute can be counted among those
that were received on time.
Once the deadline and subsequent ex-
tension has passed, couples can begin to
contact those guests who have not re-
sponded to their invitations. If it’s a close
friend or family member who hasn’t re-
sponded, simply call them on the tele-
phone and politely ask if they plan on
coming to the wedding. They won’t need
to mail the RSVP at this point, so just jot
down their response and thank them be-
fore moving on to the next person.
When a person who hasn’t responded
is less familiar to the bride and groom,
such as a parent’s distant cousin or pro-
fessional colleague, then it’s perfectly
reasonable to ask for help. For example, if
a parent’s neighbor has yet to reply, ask
Mom or Dad to drop by their house or
call them on the phone to determine if
they plan to attend.
The majority of invitees, if not all of
them, who fail to respond on time will
understand when contacted directly and
asked if they plan to attend, so couples
need not be nervous or confrontational
when making phone calls or writing
emails. Keep things short and sweet and
let guests know their attendance is ap-
preciated or their absence will be felt if
they cannot make it.
How to handle guests who do not send their RSVP
Silver Lake
The place for your Wedding
Reception & Dance!
Also available for Bridal Showers, Grooms
Dinner, Anniversaries, Birthdays and more.
Call to book your event today! 320-327-2777
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of Beverages
* Weddings
* Sporting Events
* Bachelorette Parties
* Birthdays
* Bring any beverage
on board!
* 15 to 42 Passenger
Briest Bus, LLC & Gerald Briest
19346 Waldon Ave., Hutchinson
Gerald Briest Bus
on Facebook
w Wedding Block Discount
w Honeymoon Suites with Whirlpools
w AmericInn Hot Home-style Breakfast
w Hospitality Rooms... perfect for
• Grooms Dinner
• Gift Opening
AmericInn Waconia
550 Cherry Drive • Waconia
The Perfect Location
for your
Wedding Guests
There’s magic in the air at our beautiful
setting with a lake view on one side
and the golf course on the other.
• Seating for up to 340 • On-site catering
• Fully staffed bar • Large dance floor
• Outside Wedding • Open air lakeside
Banquet facilities are available to the public for meetings
or special gatherings. Add magic to your day –
let us help you plan your special occasion.
Contact Brian Reckow, Wedding Coordinator
320-587-3070, ext. 4 • Brian@CrowRiverGolf.com
915 Colorado St. NW
Celebrate in Style
with Beautiful Views
January 25, 2015 Page 7 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
The French Bucket
Floral and Gift Shop
Booking 2015-2016 Weddings for your exclusive wedding day!
Let us help you create your special day
with burlap, lace, roses, or your special flowers.
The French Bucket
1102 Hennepin Ave. N.
Glencoe, MN 55336
Perfect Pairings
Let us help you select the perfect
beverages for your Special Day!
We offer:
• Low competitive prices every day
• Volume discounts
• Expanded import beers and wines
• Beer • Liquor • Wines • Kegs
Glencoe Wine & Spirits
630 10
St. • Glencoe, MN 55336
By Karin Ramige Cornwell
f you were to see June and Cliff
Bussler of Brownton together,
you would see that they are just
as much in love as the day they were
married more than 55 years ago.
Cliff said it’s gone by fast.
They first met while June was working
at the Extension office in September
1957. Cliff was involved in 4H and the
county fair and would come into the of-
Later, June attended a dance with a
group of friends and Cliff was there. They
talked and he later offered her a ride
home. They have been together ever
June and Cliff got engaged in Decem-
ber of 1958 and were married on June 9,
1959, June’s birthday. She said Cliff want-
ed it to be on her birthday. He said he al-
ways buys a birthday and anniversary
gift, which June confirmed.
Eunice Warner of Brownton sang at
both their wedding and 50th anniver-
sary celebration.
They honeymooned in the Black Hills,
which June said everyone did back then.
The Busslers owned and operated Bus-
sler Durocs for more than 50 years. June
ran the farrowing house with the piglets,
Cliff did most of the rest.
Everything was always done as a team.
They made all the decisions together,
Cliff said.
The Busslers were both very involved
in the McLeod County Pork Producers
Association, as well as state and National
Pork Producers Associations. They both
held many officer positions within the
Their involvement with the associa-
tions took them to many shows and fairs
and formed many life-long friendships.
They spent many weekends frying pork
chops for different events.
The Busslers collect American Brilliant
Period and Victorian Glass. While they
were traveling to shows and fairs they
would stop at antique shops looking for
new pieces.
The glass pieces are more than 100
years old and are hard to find in antique
stores now. In his free time, Cliff will
search online for pieces to add to their
collection. The last piece came from Ger-
Over the years they saw many changes
in farming and how hogs were raised.
The Busslers were involved in many re-
search trials and breeding changed.
In 1999, they decided to call it a career
and sold their farming operation.
Since his retirement in 1999, Cliff has
worked with Meals on Wheels, The Star
Tribune, the USDA, and the McLeod
County Fair Board.
The Busslers also have a passion for
Christmas decorations which came from
Cliff’s parents. He spends time working
on the couple’s annual display. Cliff says
he has found out that Christmas decora-
ti ons are no better
today they were 50
years ago.
Besides working on
the farm, June worked
at the Extension office
from 1957 to 1967, tak-
ing a year and a half off
from 1963 to 1964
when thei r fi rst son
Greg was born. Af ter
their second son, Rick,
was born in 1967, June
stayed home with the
boys. Ten years later, the
Bussl ers wel comed a
daughter, Jana.
June decided to re-
turn to work i n 1988
when she star ted at
McLeod Publishing, the
Gl encoe Adver ti ser ’s
parent company, where
she is the Business Man-
ager today.
Today, the Busslers’
lives are focused around
their seven grandchil-
dren rangi ng i n age
from six to 22. They at-
tend thei r games,
meets, concer ts and
performances as often as they can.
The three oldest attend college at
the University of Minnesota, Univer-
sity of Iowa and the University of
Missouri. A fourth grandson is think-
ing about going to the University of
Wisconsin, which can get interest-
ing when the schools play each
other in sporting events.
When asked what the secret is to
a long and happy marriage, June
said patience, understanding and a
good faith in God. She added it has-
n’t always been easy, but it has been
very good.
Patience, understanding and a good faith in God,
the secrets to a 55-plus year happy marriage
Cliff and June Bussler on June 9, 1959
Page 8 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
On your wedding day . . .
be yourself...
. . . and let us help with the memories.
Temple Service Center
628 E. 11
St., Glencoe
320-864-4317 • 320-864-7677
• Pressing
• Cleaning
• Preservation
• Many Styles
• Groom FREE (with 5 or more)
• Competitive Prices
• Bridal Party
• Wedding Gowns
• Custom Made Garters



18 3
By Karin Ramige Cornwell
he question has been popped,
she said yes, the date set, the
venue picked, and the dress
has been purchased. Now it’s time for the
Should be easy, right? When it comes
to the men’s wedding attire, there are
just as many options as for the ladies.
The first decision is to decide between
tuxedos or suits, says Brian Grochow,
owner of the Temple Service Center in
The biggest difference between a tux
and a suit is the satin lapel and strip on
the pants on a tux. A tuxedo gives a
more classic, formal look.
Black and gray are still the more tradi-
tional colors, browns and lighter colors
are also available, Grochow says.
Once the style of the suit or tux is de-
termined, there are still more decisions
to be made. There is the color of the ac-
cessory, what kind of tie, shoes and
whether to wear a vest or not.
Grochow says a vest and windsor tie
are the more popular styles these days.
As with all fashion, styles repeat them-
sel ves, and the bow ti e i s maki ng a
strong comeback, though usually worn
with a vest, not the cummerbund or sash
that was popular in the 80s and 90s, he
added. Don’t worry, there are no indica-
tions that the powder blue tuxes with
the ruffled shirts will make a comeback,
though The Temple will have a light blue
plaid jacket available this spring.
Grochow says that the fashion at the
award shows in Hollywood does have an
affect on the formal wear fashions we
see. Though it takes a little time to hit
There is a variety of shoe options
for the wedding party to choose
from as well.
Besides formal wear rentals, the
Temple Service Center does any
type of alterations, from wedding
gowns, bridemaid and mother of
the bride dresses to suit and other
formal wear and they will deliver it
right to a local church as needed.
All garments are hand pressed to
ensure you are looking your best
on the big day.
They can al so make custom
garters for the wedding party.
The Temple Service Center also
provides environmentally friendly
garment cleaning and specializes in
wedding dress cleaning and no
chemical preservation.
Grochow, who has been with the
Temple Service Center for over 30
years says it’s interesting to see the
trends change over the years.
June was always the most popular
month for weddings, now brides are
grooms are trending towards September
and October weddings.
He has seen bridal parties come in
with all different dresses in the same
color and the same dress in all different
Grochow recommends starting to look
for your wedding party formal wear six
to eight months before the big day to
ensure everyone has ample time to get
fitted and the styles you want are avail-
able, while dress alterations are usually
done within a couple weeks of the wed-
The Temple Service Center will be at
the Glencoe Bridal Expo on March 1.
Stop by and see how they can help you
get ready for your big day.
The Temple Service Center . . .
more than just tuxes
Brian Grochow of the Temple Service Center
January 25, 2015 Page 9 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
50 Gift
The drawing was open to any couples who had their engagement
announcement in The McLeod County Chronicle during 2014. The two win-
ni ng coupl es were abl e to choose a gi ft certi ficate from any
business that advertised in the 2014 Bride & Groom supplement.
Rebecca Schrempp and Jeremy Lang
were united in marriage on Septem-
ber 27, 2014 at Good Shepherd
Lutheran Church in Glencoe. The
Langs chose to have their certificate
redeemed at Coborn’s.
Sarah and Dale Ruder were united in
marriage on April 12, 2014 at Glencoe
City Center in Glencoe. The Ruders
chose to have their certificate re-
deemed at Coborn’s.
Engagement Information
Wedding Date ______________________________________
Wedding Location___________________________________
N ame of Bride ______________________________________
Phone _____________Address (town) ___________________
Parent(s) of Bride (first & last name(s), & town)
Occupation of Bride (job title & place of employment)
School(s) Attended by Bride __________________________
Name of Groom_____________________________________
Phone _____________Address (town) ___________________
Parent(s) of Groom(first & last name(s), & town)
Occupation of Groom(job title & place of employment)
School(s) Attended by Groom_________________________
Please send this form to:
McLeod County Chronicle
716 E. 10
St., Glencoe, MN 55336 • 320-864-5518 • Fax: 320-864-5510
E-mail: trishak@glencoenews.com • www.glencoenews.com
Metro Creative Connection
Whether a couple is planning a lavish
wedding or a more low key affair, the
wedding invitations are an essential part
of keeping guests informed about the
big day.
While couples can now share details of
their wedding through email or even
digital invitations, many still prefer to go
the traditional route and send paper in-
vitations. In addition to the cost of the in-
vitations themselves, couples need to
factor postage into their wedding budg-
ets. It may not seem like much, but the
cost of postage can add up quickly. The
following are a few postage pointers for
couples about to tie the knot.
• Choose envelopes wisely. The size
of your envelopes contributes to the cost
of the postage necessary to mail your in-
vitations. Postal services have specific
size and shape parameters that govern
postage. Envel opes that are oddl y
shaped or fall outside of these strict
measurements are usually susceptible to
additional postage charges. That’s be-
cause the envelope cannot run through
standard sorting machinery and must be
• Consider the weight. Mailings that
exceed one ounce will require additional
postage, even if they are in standard en-
velopes. Invitations, with their various
components and thick card stock, typi-
cally weigh more than one ounce. Never
purchase postage in advance, as you will
not know what the completed invitation
costs prior to mailing. Always weigh the
invitation with all inserts included to get
an accurate estimate of postage. Then
purchase stamps accordingly.
• Get to know your local postal em-
ployee. Many postal employees, espe-
cially those who work at the smaller
branches, grow accustomed to seeing
the same customers over and over. They
can be very helpful and good resources
when i t comes to savi ng money on
postage. Strike up a conversation with
the person behind the counter and ask
advice on the best way to mail invita-
tions and ensure they arrive looking
beautiful. Choose an off-peak time so the
postal em-
ployee can
gi ve you
hi s or her
ful l atten-
ti on and
will not feel
rushed by a
l i ne form-
ing behind
you. The
empl oyee
may sug-
gest hand-
cancel i ng
w h i c h
means the
invitation will be processed by hand
rather than run through machinery to
avoid damage.
• Stamp the return envelope. Invita-
tions typically include response cards
that guests will send back to confirm if
they will be attending the festivities. To
facilitate the RSVP process, stamp the re-
sponse card.
• Prep invitations six to eight weeks
in advance. Invitations should be mailed
nearly two months prior to the wedding.
This allows guests to plan and respond
• Double-check envelopes before
sending. Ensure that postage is sticking
well and that envelopes are well-sealed.
In addition, verify that you have the most
current addresses for recipients. If invita-
tions get returned to sender, they can
cost you even more time and money to
resolve any issues.
• Consider custom postage. The post
office should carry several attractive op-
tions for wedding invitation stamps.
However, you also may be able to go on-
line and purchase custom postage that
features a graphic or an uploaded image
to make the invitations even more spe-
• Do a test run. You may want to send
a complete invitation to yourself just to
see how it arrives in the mail. This way
you can check the level of damage and
have an oppor tuni ty to make any
changes, such as adding a piece of vel-
lum to prevent ink from smudging or to
place bows or adornments in another
• Give your mail carrier a heads-up.
Let your assigned mail carrier know that
response cards will be on the way. They
tend to be small and can get lost in
among other letters and mail. A small
token of gratitude, such as a gift card, for
your mail carrier may ensure all of your
response cards arrive.
A wedding just isn’t the same without
the guests. Make sure friends and family
are well informed about the wedding by
sending out invitations in advance and
ensuring the proper postage will get
those invites where they need to go.
Wedding invitation and postage tips
Page 10 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
Item Cost
Wedding Consultant $ _______________
Engagement $ _______________
Rehearsal Dinner $ _______________
Reception $ _______________
Gift Opening $ _______________
Announcements $ _______________
Invitations $ _______________
Thank-you Notes $ _______________
Stamps $ _______________
Church Programs $ _______________
Bridal gown $ _______________
Groom’s tux $ _______________
Attendant Dresses/Tuxes $ _______________
Bride $ _______________
Groom $ _______________
Parents $ _______________
Grandparents $ _______________
Members of Wedding Party $ _______________
Wedding Bouquet $ _______________
Reception Flowers $ _______________
Reception Helpers (hosts, servers, attendants) $ _______________
Readers/Musicians $ _______________
Reception/Rental $ _______________
Cake $ _______________
Beverages $ _______________
Photographer $ _______________
Photos $ _______________
Books $ _______________
Videography $ _______________
Travel $ _______________
Transportation $ _______________
Accommodations $ _______________
Food/Beverage $ _______________
Additional Expenses:
Marriage License $ _______________
Rings $ _______________
Clergy Fees/Church Rental $ _______________
Bridal Party Gifts $ _______________
Hair Styling/Manicures $ _______________
Transportation $ _______________
Guest Book $ _______________
Ring Bearer Pillow $ _______________
Tips/Gratuities $ _______________
Limo/Parking $ _______________
Total $ _________
Wedding Budget
We Cater Weddings
– wide variety of options –
FREE Room Rental with meal purchase.
Buffet / Salad Bar
We have Party Rooms for up to 150 people.
Grooms Dinner – Bridal Showers
Birthdays – Anniversaries
Call Jason or Scott for pricing!
Hwy. 212, Glencoe
Let us help you
plan your wedding
party and dance
We do our own catering.
Contact us for complete menu suggestions.
We can accommodate up to 1,000 people
and have a large dance floor.
and Stevens, Glencoe • 320-864-4119
Metro Creative Connection
Couples must make a host of impor-
tant decisions when planning their wed-
dings. Some decisions, such as choosing
a venue to host the reception, require
more effort and research on the part of
couples than others.
One decision that couples must make
carefully concerns the photography
package they choose for their cere-
monies and receptions. Wedding pho-
tographers play a big role on a couple’s
big day, and it’s important that men and
women about to tie the knot consider a
host of factors before choosing the men
or women they will ultimately task with
visually documenting their wedding
• Engagement photoshoot: Couples
who want to do an engagement photo-
shoot may want to negotiate such a
shoot into their photography package.
Some agencies include engagement
shoots in their packages while others do
not. If the engagement photoshoot is on
your l i st of needs, then l ook for an
agency that provides such services as
part of its packages or agencies willing to
include the engagement photoshoot for
free or for an added fee.
• Party size: The number of people on
the guest list should factor into your
choice of wedding photographer. If your
guest list is especially large, then you
might want to consider hiring two or
more photographers to document the
day. Many agencies offer separate pack-
ages for couples who want one photog-
rapher and couples who prefer two or
more photographers, so it pays to exam-
ine the price differences between such
packages to see if more than one pho-
tographer can fit into your budget. Cou-
ples with relatively small guests lists can
typically get by with just a single photog-
rapher to document their ceremonies
and receptions.
• Travel: When discussing a wedding
photography package, ask how much
travel is included in the package. This is
important for couples whose ceremonies
are in a separate location from their re-
ceptions. If the distance between the cer-
emony site and the reception venue is
considerable, you may have to pay extra
for the photographer to travel between
both sites. While a reasonable amount of
travel is typically included in a photogra-
phy package, it’s best that you confirm
this prior to signing an agreement.
• Videography: Many photography
agencies also offer videography services
in some of their wedding packages.
Videography can be a great way for cou-
ples to document their wedding days,
and it can be fun for couples to watch
their wedding videos with their families
down the road.
Factors to consider when choosing
a wedding photography package
January 25, 2015 Page 11 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
New beginning? New couple?
New subscription!
The McLeod County Chronicle
716 E. 10
Street Glencoe, MN 55336 • 320-864-5518
• 1 year McLeod County and New Auburn addresses . . .
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Wedding Directory
Appearing in the first edition of the
month in the Glencoe Advertiser and the
second edition of the month in The Sibley Shopper!
Our Wedding Directory is a companion to our Bride & Groom
Supplement and is printed monthly in the Glencoe Advertiser.
Once you have promoted your business in the wedding supplement, have
your name listed in our directory as a constant reminder of your products
and services. This is a great opportunity to show all newly engaged cou-
ples in the Glencoe Advertiser or Sibley Shopper circulation area just
what you have to offer them. The following list describes the various
products and services that will be highlighted in our Wedding Directory.
• Wedding Attire
• Photography Services
• Jewelry
• Home Furnishings
• Florists
• Wedding Cake
• Financial Services
• Wedding Parties
• Catering
• Hair Care
• Wedding Invitations
• Travel Arrangements
• Videos
• Gifts
• Entertainment
• Dry Cleaning
• Reception Halls
Call for Information
763-675-3511 or 320-543-2991
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www. r edscaf e. net
Special Wedding
By booking your Destination Wedding with
Bursch Travel and Delta Vacations, you will
receive special savings only available to you
and your guests.
Delta Vacations offers some of the most
luxurious resorts in Mexico, the Bahamas,
Jamaica, Hawaii and Las Vegas, making
your wedding the most perfect day of your
life and your honeymoon the most romantic.
320-587-9333 • 1-800-637-8813
45 Washington Ave. E., Suite 101, Hutchinson
The Perfect Place for:
Graduation Parties,
Christmas Parties.
Arlington Community Center
Conveniently located right off Highway 5 in Arlington
507-9642378 www.arlingtonmn.com
Call Today –
• Competitive Prices
• Handicapped Accessible
• Ample Parking
• Fully Equipped Kitchen
• Seating Capacity 500
• 1 Room or 3 Separate Rooms
Page 12 January 25, 2015 Supplement to the Glencoe Advertiser
Bride Groom
We will help you pick out your cake to meet your expectations. Our bakery also
can help with sweets, breads and dinner rolls for all of your wedding events.
Our deli specializes in
We can help you with planning for all of your wedding events
from the groom’s dinner to the ‘big day’ and after.
We can handle full-service weddings
with hot foods for up to 400 people.
2211 11
St. E., Glencoe, MN 55336
(320) 864-3354 • www.coborns.com
reat C
Our bakery specializes in
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