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Cedars, cottonwoods, and frogs

When I feel down, one of the things that can pick me up and help me regain perspective in life, is spending time in nature. One of my favorite spots in Glencoe for doing this, is a bench next to a large cottonwood tree that is flanked by cedars and a wonderful white oak. I was out there today seeking some guidance in life and became so fulfilled, I penned this letter to share this precious spot. Close by this bench, during this wet summer is a family of seven ducks and dozens of frogs chasing the water bugs skimming over the algae covered fishing pond. The creek is high this year, covering the base of a disk-golf endpost and water goes up near the top of the foot path that leads deep into this favorite spot. I assume you guessed that I am talking about the west end of Oak Leaf Park.
Over the years, Glencoe's Parks Department has done a real fine job with the entire park. The park offers many things to many people: softball fields, a baseball stadium, RV camping spots, pool/water park, a weekend of carnival fun during Glencoe days, picnic/party shelters, new playground equipment, a wildlife refuge, and a fishing pond...well it started out as a fishing pond, but Mother Nature took it over after all the stocked fish disappeared and it become a wonderful and beautiful backwater bayou that I've already described.
Don't forget to check out this backwater bayou in mid winter on a sunny day. Winter transforms this spot to a completely different place. Try to time your visit right after a fresh snow fall, it's fun to see the tracks left by all the critters that don't sleep through the cold season. I just wanted to thank the Parks Department and remind the citizens of Glencoe about this gem of a park.