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City of Brownton-Council Meeting

City of Brownton
Brownton City Council
April 4, 2017
A public meeting was held to review and approve Jake Knick’s garage variance requesting an increase in size from 900 to 1,120 square feet.
Tony Ashwill, current owner of a water jet cutting business in Hutchinson, expressed interest in purchasing the Rickert Building on Division. He fabricates Kubota tractor parts, he’s currently building a dozen or so accessories for the tractor with more possibilities for future growth. Ashwill is currently working with Quade to price three-phase power connection to the building, he would also need to bring in an RO water supply system to provide more purified water required in the cutting process. Curt Carrigan estimated $12,350 to bring the required power connection to the building. Council unanimously gave approval to assist bring this business to Brownton by providing the power connection to the building. Ashwill’s business would start up with one or two employees; future growth is likely. Ashwill is meeting with the realtor Thursday, if all goes as planned, he would be ready for the move mid-summer.
Resident Lynn D’Agostino reported blight concerns next door to her. She expressed that her neighbor is running an illegal scrap business where he is running three to five loads of scrap a week and is also dumping Freon. D’Agostino also stated there’s an illegal tenant in the attic next door who sits on porch roof with his dog. She mentioned the police knew about it; Chief Bauer stated they did shut the music down and ran the man’s name and found no warrant. Bauer reviewed the blight report last year; all was enclosed, therefore no citation was given. D’Agostino also reported two Pitbull dogs across the street attacked her neighbor’s Chihuahus. Tim Olson witnessed as well and called Officer Anderson who then met with the owner. Both issues were duly noted by council and will be under advisement.
RS Fiber report was given by Toby Brummer and Derek Virkus. Fiber Optic installation is slated to start June (no absolute date set yet). The majority of the line is bored, resident installs will be trenched. The WiFi Tower is located on the UFC elevator, Brownton residents can subscribe to WiFi if they have an unobstructed view of the tower. There will be a public meeting in October to update and promote subscribers. If interested in fiber optic services, cards are available at the Brownton City Office to get onto the install list.
Summer Rec program will run six weeks from June 12 through July 20. The program will not run on July 3 and 4 due to holiday. Mary Lemke, Cathay Rosenau and Dave Wendlandt will be tri-directors along with Jess Lemke, Hayden Berge and Cassidy Cacka as assistants. Registration fees and activities will remain the same; t-shirts are free for new participants and can be purchased as desired. Summer Enrichment will use the Community Center at $0 cost; dates not yet determined. Council asked the directors to assess the salaries and base 2017 salaries on the revenue/donations received for summer rec and enrichment programs.
City Engineer Rodeberg reported 2018 Infrastructure Project design phase is at 40% to plan; Rodeberg will meet with various city persons on Thursday, April 13, to review. Resolution was made and approved to prepare assessments. City Street sign replacements were added to the plan. City is working with Rural Development on pre-bond/loans for engineering and construction costs, RD will also provide the bond for the non-eligible loan (ie. Streets).
Public Works report included work on gravel roads and alleys. Trash and pit pumps, for flooding purposes, have been purchased. Quade finished underground connections to the west of Civic Center. Generators are tested and ready to go. City will buy out Vacuum Trailer from Stewart for$2,500; “Honey Wagon/Spreader” was sold at Steffes for $2,070. Carson Streich is returning as public works summer help. A couple streets are cracking; they will be cut out and replaced next year. No seal coat is planned for this year.  
Police Chief report included blight letters that were sent out. Officer Anderson is at BCA for Sobriety Test Training. Squad transfer case was fixed. We received two sets of tires from the county with <200 miles. Fitness center for PD/FD personnel is complete. Camera install is complete at Community Center; still need to set up internet service.
Former grocery store is crumbling. The Department of Health is also involved due to asbestos concerns. The owner of the building, Jeff Krueger, has been contacted and is forfeiting the building on nonpayment of back taxes. The City is in limbo awaiting the course of action by the Department of Health to the State of Minnesota and/or McLeod County.
Owners of the property at 204 1st Avenue South state the property has been cleaned and secured. Their intent is to hire a local contractor this spring to make repairs to the property that will satisfy the “Order for Repair” listing all the required repairs making this resident habitable.    
The property at 114 3rd Avenue North is in the process of being sold by MidCountry Bank. The list of repairs written up by Darin Haslip, City Inspector, was shared with the new prospective owners. Upon closing, an official “Order for Repair” will be drawn up and sent to the new owner listing again the necessary repairs before the residence can be inhabited.
Council discussed two issues regarding the Brownton Oak Grove Cemetery 1) can cremains be buried atop another grave, and 2) can a plot be sold back to the City without penalty. Kruse will follow up with other neighboring cities regarding cremain burials and will report back in May. Council approved plots can be sold back to the City at the purchased cost.
Upon motion, meeting was adjourned.
    Respectfully submitted
     Ella Kruse, City Clerk
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle April 12, 2017)