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City of Brownton-Council Meeting

City of Brownton
Brownton City Council
February Meeting
٠ Melanie Lindeman approached Council regarding BABS upgrade proposals to the west softball field wherein they requested electricity to the shack, dugouts and fences. BABS has funding for the upgrades and was given the go ahead to proceed with the upgrades with promised support from the city.
٠ Bob Ruppe of Couri & Ruppe P.L.L.P. spoke on behalf of Collins township. He recommended changes to the existing township fire protection agreements, many of which were pertaining to potential liability issues and legal verbiage explaining the agreement conditions in greater detail.
Ruppe also included that Collins Township feels the fire protection calculations, based on property valuation, is unfair to Collins Township as their lake shore properties are overvalued just because they’re by the lake, thus causing inflated fire protection costs. His argument is that it doesn’t cost more to fight a fire by the lake vs. anywhere else. Collins Township would be satisfied if their fire protection would be decreased by $5,000 annually for the remaining eight years of the contract. Also stated in Ruppe’s fire protection agreement recommendations, “all or part of the sections of the township identified above (may be transferred to the city of Stewart Fire Department in the future.” Mayor Schwarze ended the discussion stating this topic needs to be tabled and discussed with all the townships present at the annual fire department meeting on February 15 as any changes would impact both the city and other townships within the Brownton Fire District.
٠John Rodeberg (SEH) reported that Rural Development has given approval to move ahead with the 2018 Infrastructure Project. The resolution to advertise for bids was approved; bids will be opened on February 28 and awarded on April 3. The April 3 meeting will include construction updates and open house to the public.
٠ Public Works plowed snow, took bucket truck in for annual inspection, replaced sensor in flow meter, and researched lawn mower quotes. Council approved purchase of an Exmark mower to replace the Toro at trade-in cost of $6,879.00. Padlocks will be installed to all inside doors and windows in the east school building to deter further vandalism.
٠ Police Chief report included upcoming PTSD training for FD’s Sheriff’s office, PD’s and first responders. East school break in is still under investigation; they have people of interest, but no proven suspects at this time. Chief’s training is scheduled in Duluth.
٠ Whereas the owners at 204 1st Avenue South asked Council to allow them to renovate the house, Council made the decision to stop all work on the house and request it be removed; followup hearing is scheduled on February 8.
٠ Councilman Brian Dressel submitted his resignation effective March 6, 2018, which Council accepted with regrets and thus, declared a vacancy. Council will appoint fill the position until November, at which time it will be placed on the ballot as a two-year term.
٠ Council approved $60 monthly stipends for Chief Bauer and Officer Anderson’s cell phones.
Upon motion, meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted
Ella Kruse, City Clerk
(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle February 14, 2018)