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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe

7:00 P.M.

Mayor Wilson called the regular meeting of the city council to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Neid, Robeck, Ziemer, Schrupp and Alexander. Also present: City Administrator Larson, Assistant City Administrator Ehrke, City Attorney Ostlund, Finance Director Trippel, PWD Schreifels, Police Chief Raiter, Fire Chief Scheidt.
Motion to approve the consent agenda as presented entered by Alexander with Neid seconding. All members voted in favor.
Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of August 20, 2018.
Approve the following building permits:
Daris Remus, 905 Glenmoor Lane; Deck and Patio Door Replacement
Dean Feltmann, 105 Wacker Dr; Remodel
Robert Sommers, 1711 Ives Ave N; Re-side
Robert Curfmann, 915 Elliott Ave N; Re-roof
Ruby Pollamann, 1713 15th St E; Re-side
Judy Mansager, 1523 Russell Ave N; Garage door replacement
Brad Werth, 1416 Ford Ave N; Garage Re-roof
Greg Wedin, 1703 Fairway Dr; Window Replacement, Deck Rebuild
Silver Hernandez, 105 9th St E; Re-roof
Kenny Artmann, 1605 Knight Ave N; Re-side
Public Works Director Schreifels reviewed the two quotes to conduct the Cross Connection/Backflow Survey. This survey will identify all properties within the corporate city limits in need of a backflow device according to the Minnesota Plumbing Code. The survey requires a licensed Master Plumber.
MN Spect, Inc. was the low bid not to exceed in the amount of $26,500.00. HydroCorp quote was in the amount of $32,490.00. It was recommended to approve the low bid and move forward with the project.
This has been budgeted for 2018 in the Water Treatment Plant budget.
Councilors questioned the need for the survey and also wanted to know what other cities are doing to collect this information.
It is needed to obtain a baseline on backflow prevention and to fill the city’s responsibility to protect the potable water system from any form of contamination to the end source.
Discussion led to a motion to table once again and to obtain information from other cities to find out what they are doing to fulfill this obligation to collect the information. Motion entered by Schrupp with Neid seconding. Voting in favor: Neid, Robeck, Alexander and Schrupp. Ziemer entered a no vote. Motion carried.
The Police Union accepted the City’s offer of 2.5% wage increase with no other contract changes for 2018. It is required of the Council to formally approve the wage increase.
Discussion led to the motion to approve the 2.5% wage increase with no other 2018 contract changes entered by Councilor Ziemer and seconded by Councilor Alexander. Voting in favor of the motion were Neid, Alexander, Ziemer and Schrupp. Robeck entered a no vote. Motion carried.The Planning and Industrial Commission held a public hearing at their recent meeting to hear public input regarding approval of the final plat for the Harpel 11th Street Addition for a planned Kwik Trip convenience store on Block 1, Lot 1 of the site.The Planning Commission approved the plat in a 5-0 vote.
Councilor Ziemer entered the motion approving the final plat for the Harpel 11th Street Addition. Councilor Alexander seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
The petition for public improvement was presented for acceptance of the installation of a storm water conveyance system and ponding for the Harpel 11th Street Addition and order a feasibility study. This would include tree removal on the south side of the property. 100% of the costs would be assessed to the property owner.
Discussion led to the following resolution entered by Member Robeck to accept the Petition for Public Improvement and order the feasibility study. Councilor Schrupp seconded. All members voted in favor.
requesting the improvement of Harpels Eleventh Street Addition by storm sewer and stormwater ponding, including tree removal, filed with the council September 4, 2018, is hereby declared to be signed by the required percentage of owners of property affected thereby. This declaration is made in conformity to Minn. Stat. § 429.035.
The petition for the proposed improvement is hereby referred to Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH®) and that they are instructed to report to the council with all convenient speed advising the council in a preliminary way as to whether the proposed improvement is necessary, cost-effective, and feasible, and as to whether it should best be made as proposed or in connection with some other improvement, and the estimated cost of the improvement as recommended.
Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
Concerning further business for this property a waiver of the MS 429 proceedings was reviewed by City Attorney Ostlund. This waiver is required as Harpel owns 100% of the property making it unnecessary to carry out the traditional MS 429 proceedings and Harpel would agree to the assessments.
Councilor Neid entered the motion to approve the waiver of the MS 429 proceedings as presented. Councilor Schrupp seconded. Voting in favor were members Neid, Ziemer, Schrupp and Alexander. Robeck entered a no vote. Motion carried 4-1.
Assistant City Administrator Ehrke summarized the proposal by the Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Committee to work with the City of Glencoe for developing a Downtown Revitalization and Vibrancy Plan. This planning initiative was identified as an important resource for the community’s future believing it can be a road map to support existing businesses and attracting new businesses. It is also believed it will provide opportunities to enhance the quality of life for local residents as well as drawing more visitors to Glencoe.
SEH was approached to conduct the study at a reduced rate based on their on-going relationship with the City after contact was made with several planning firms offering the service in the amount of $20,000 to $30,000. SEH agreed to this and have submitted a cost for their services in the amount of $12,000. Funding has been secured from the Southwest MN Initiative Foundation in the amount of $2500, the Hoese Foundation in the amount of $2500, Chamber of Commerce $5,000 in two installments and the balance of $2,000 would be the City’s contribution.
The EDC committee reviewed the proposal and discussed the merits of the study. The EDC unanimously passed a motion recommending the City Council approve the proposal as presented.
Questioned by members was the need for another study as it was felt that previous studies encompassed some of the information to be gathered. Stated was that the entities contributing funds for the study feel this is important and needed for the City and we should accept their support for this road map to help support businesses as well as draw businesses to the community. Stated by Councilor Alexander was the need to focus on developing to the east. With that, Assistant City Administrator Ehrke stated that we need to foster our downtown businesses and support them as they have contributed to the tax rolls and provided service and jobs in the community. We cannot discount the downtown businesses.
Councilor Ziemer entered the motion to approve a city contribution of $2,000. Councilor Schrupp seconded. Voting in favor were Ziemer and Schrupp. Voting no, Neid and Alexander. Robeck abstained. Mayor Wilson then entered a vote in favor to break the tie.
Motion carried 3 to 2.
The 5 year lease is up on the BMX Track facility. The Park Board recommended to extend the lease for another 5 years for the BMX group to use, operate and manage the facility.
The BMX group approached Public Works Director Voigt since the meeting to request a 10 year lease.
It was recommended by staff to offer a 5 year lease with an automatic renewal for an additional 5 years, pending positive review by the Park Board at the conclusion of the first 5 years.
Member Schrupp agreed to this recommendation and entered the motion stating these terms. Councilor Neid seconded. All members voted in favor.
Motion to approve payment of city bills entered by Councilor Schrupp with second by Councilor Ziemer. All members voted in favor.
Mayor Wilson called for adjournment at 8:05 p.m. Councilor Robeck entered that motion. Councilor Schrupp seconded. All members voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the city council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the city administrator.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle September 26, 2018)