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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe

NOVEMBER 5, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Mayor Wilson called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Neid, Ziemer, Robeck, Alexander and Schrupp. Also present: City Administrator Mark Larson, City Attorney Mark Ostlund, Finance Director Trippel, Ass’t City Administrator Ehrke, Police Chief Raiter.
Motion to approve consent agenda as presented entered by Member Neid, second by Member Ziemer. All members vote in favor.
A. Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of October 15, 2018.
B. Approve the following building permits:
1. Tim Farrell, 1930 11th St E; Re-roof
2. Heriberto Anguiano, 1909 12th St E; Re-roof
3. Glencoe Coop, 330 10th St E; Sign Permit
4. Sandra Dammann, 315 20th St W; Mechanical Permit
5. RDV Construction, 1526 Elsie Dr; New Home
C. Approve the following licenses:
1. Casey’s General Stores, 801 13th St E & 2101 10th St E; Tobacco License renewal
City Attorney Mark Ostlund reviewed the process to date concerning a potentially dangerous dog designation from an incident of July 5, 2018 where the dog bit a child in the face. Sarah Mallory is the owner of dog. She appealed the determination of potentially dangerous dog and a contested hearing was held to determine the validity of the dangerous dog designation. The review hearing panel upheld the designation. Ms. Mallory has now filed a timely request challenging the ruling of the review panel.
Ms. Mallory addressed the Glencoe council and explained why she believes the review hearing panel was incorrect. Upon completion of her statement council member Alexander entered a motion to set an additional hearing. Councilor Robeck seconded. All members voted in favor.
Jessica Hedin and Karen Cavett of SEH reviewed for the council the Waste Water Treatment Facility-Phosphorus Project Bid results and the effect of the project on wastewater rates.
Base bid low bid came in at $20,110,400. Three bid alternates were bid for vactor pad, roof replacement for five existing buildings on site and window and door replacement for two existing buildings on site. The City can select all, none or a combination of bid alternates. If all bid alternates are selected the bid price is $20,560,400.
Grant funding for a total of $9,782,042 come from PSIG Grant, Green Reserves, Special Appropriations Grant, and Insurance. This leaves a loan amount of $14.92 million for base bid amount and $15.38 million with base bid and alternates.
Based on current project costs, no waste water rate change is recommended.
The bids are good for 60 days. The council needs to award the bid no later than the December 3rd council meeting.
City Administrator Mark Larson reviewed the proposal to sell bonds to Security Bank and Trust in the amount of $453,000 for the improvements and for acquisition of property for the Panther Heights Apartment Project. The city projects an annual tax increment of $74,980 to be generated. Debt service on the bonds will be paid from tax increment revenues generated by the new project development. Should the tax increment revenues be insufficient, the City has pledged to make up any shortfall from a city wide property tax levy as necessary. The true interest cost rate of 3.68% is fixed for 15 years. The average annual payment will be $40,000.
Discussion led to Councilor Alexander entering the following resolution and moving for its adoption:
The complete resolution is on file in the office of the City Administrator.
Councilor Schrupp entered a second. Upon a roll call vote all members voted in favor. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
Motion to set canvassing board meeting for November 13th at 4:30 p.m. entered by Councilor Neid, second entered by Councilor Ziemer. All members voted in favor.
Lindsey Bruer, MNDOT District 8 Planning Director, gave an overview of the Glencoe Comprehensive Transportation Study. Phase 1 includes gathering input, Phase 2 will be for the development and evaluation of ideas and Phase 3 develop plan. All phases will include public engagement. Included in this update were projects slated for 2022 for Hwy 22 for mill and overlay from US Hwy 212 to Cedar Avenue and County Road 1 and Hwy 212 reduced conflict intersection.City Administrator Mark Larson presented the workshop session consensus for employee wage compensation of 3% increase for 2019. The packet includes a 2% cost of living adjustment and changing health insurance coverage to Medica with a $4750 -50% deductible plan and increase in HSA contributions.
Some discussion concerned a straight increase for wages for 2019 budget.
Discussion led to a motion to approve the benefits package as presented by member Alexander and second by member Ziemer. Voting in favor of said motion were members Neid, Ziemer, Alexander and Schrupp. Robeck voted no. Motion carried.
Councilor Neid motioned to authorize the Mayor and City Administrator to execute the Assessment Agreement with McLeod County for 2019 for $7.50 per parcel for 2416 parcels. Councilor Robeck seconded the motion. All members voted in favor
Motion to approve payment of the city bills entered by Member Neid, second by Member Ziemer. All members voted in favor.
Mayor Wilson called for adjournment at 8:45 p.m. Councilor Robeck entered that motion with Councilor Neid seconding. All members voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the city council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the city administrator.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle November 28, 2018)