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City of Glencoe- Council Meeting

City of Glencoe

NOVEMBER 19, 2018
7:00 P.M.
Mayor Wilson called the regular meeting of the City Council to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Neid, Ziemer, Robeck, Alexander and Schrupp. Also present: City Administrator Larson, City Attorney Ostlund, Finance Director Trippel, Public Works Directors Schreifels and Voigt, Police Chief Raiter, Assistant City Administrator Ehrke, Fire Chief Scheidt and Councilor Elect Lemke.
Motion to approve the consent agenda with minutes to be corrected to include discussion concerning straight wage increase for 2019 budget entered by Councilor Neid and second by Councilor Ziemer. All members voted in favor.
Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of November 5, 2018.
Approve Canvassing Board Minutes of November 13, 2018
Approve the following building permits:
1. Bryan Grack, 208 Douglas Dr; Re-roof
2. Eyone Tupa, 1805 12th St E; Re-roof garage
3. Kenneth Ruggles, 310 Interwood Dr; Entry Door
4. Julie Varland, 1611 Ford Ave N; Re-roof
5. Jerry Scharpe, 1519 Hennepin Ave; Re-side garage
6. Mike Berg, 1330 10th St E; Re-roof, Re-side, Windows, Doors
7. Greg Scott, 1407 DeSoto Ave N; Mechanical Permit
Approve the following licenses:
1. LaZacatecana, 710 11th St E; Off-Sale Liquor License Renewal
SEH memorandum addressed a number of questions the council had regarding the WWTP Phosphorus Project. Contingency dollars are used to address unforeseen conditions and potential change order costs.
Councilor Robeck entered the motion to approve the resolution to award the bid to Rice Lake Construction Group for the lump sum bid of $20,110,400 with inclusion of Alternate #2 only. Councilor Neid seconded. Upon roll call vote member Robeck entered a yes vote. Members Neid, Schrupp, Alexander and Ziemer entered a no vote. Whereupon said resolution failed.
Councilor Neid then entered the resolution to award the bid to Rice Lake Construction Group not to exceed $20,110,400 with the inclusion of Alternate #2 and Alternate #3 and moved for its adoption:
WHEREAS, pursuant to the solicitation for bids for the Glencoe Phosphorus Project, bids were received, opened and tabulated according to the law on October 17, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. complying with the advertisement.
AND WHEREAS, it appears that Rice Lake Construction is the lowest responsible bidder with the following bid amounts:
Lump Sum Base Bid Amount$20,110,400
Alternate 1 ā€“ Vactor Pad$55,000
Alternate 2 ā€“ Roof Removal and Replacement $325,000
Alternate 3 ā€“ Door and Window Replacement $70,000
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED By the Council of the City of Glencoe, Minnesota:
The City of Glencoe is hereby authorized and directed to enter into a contract with Rice Lake Construction, 22360 County Road 12, Deerwood, MN for the Glencoe Phosphorus Project according to the plans and specifications therefore approved by the City Council. The contract shall include the following bid amounts where AWARD has been indicated. Bid amounts where DO NOT AWARD is indicated shall not be included in the contract.
Lump Sum Base Bid Amount of $20,110,400 AWARD
Alternate 1 Lump Sum Amount of $55,000 DO NOT AWARD
Alternate 2 Lump Sum Amount of $325,000 AWARD
Alternate 3 Lump Sum Amount of $70,000 AWARD
The City of Glencoe is hereby authorized and directed to return forthwith to all bidders the deposits made with their bids, except for that of the deposits of the successful bidder and the next lowest bidder which shall be retained until a contract has been signed.
Councilor Ziemer seconded the motion. Upon a roll call vote members voting in favor were Neid, Ziemer, Alexander and Schrupp. Robeck entered a no vote. Whereupon said resolution was adopted and approved.
Public Works Director Voigt presented the Cemetery Boardā€™s recommendation to replace the roof on the vault building in the cemetery. Low bid was from ABC Arrow Building Center for steel roof materials of $2,911.56 and the labor to install from Dennis Eischens of $2,000.00 for a total of $4,911.56. Member Robeck inquired if bid included snow slides? This will be looked into.
Councilor Robeck entered the motion approving the low bid and labor as stated above. Councilor Ziemer seconded. All members voted in favor. Funds will be provided from the Cemetery fund.
The Planning Commission recommended approval of the Cameo Addition final plat after conducting a public hearing on the matter at their recent meeting.
Councilor Neid entered the motion to approve the final plat of the Ken Polifka Cameo Addition. Councilor Robeck seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
Public Works Director Voigt made the recommendation on behalf of the interview committee to appoint Keenan Dummer to the open positon of Streets and Parks operator to replace Gary Reinitz who is retiring effective November 30th.
Councilor Robeck entered the motion to approve the appointment of Keenan Dummer for Streets and Parks Operator. Councilor Alexander seconded the motion. All members voted in favor.
The Dangerous Dog Appeal Hearing was convened at 2:30 p.m. on November 19, 2018 in the City Center West Conference Room. There was no new information presented from the dog owner concerning the designation as her dog being potentially dangerous.
Motion to deny the appeal of declaring the dog potentially dangerous entered by Councilor Schrupp. Councilor Neid seconded. All members voted in favor. Potentially Dangerous Dog declaration stands in this matter.
Motion to approve payment of the city bills entered by Member Ziemer, second by Member Schrupp. All members voted in favor.
Mayor Wilson called for adjournment at 7:30 p.m. Councilor Robeck entered the motion. Councilor Alexander seconded. All members voted in favor.
The above minutes are the official actions taken by the city council. The complete minutes are on file and available for review in the office of the city administrator.

(Published in The McLeod County Chronicle December 12, 2018)