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City needs to attend to housekeeping issues

To the Editor:
Just a few lines to let you know that I’m still alive.
There are quite a few projects going very well. The completion of the school, Lake Marion road, Elliott Avenue staying open, yard waste site expanded hours, Helen Baker School site assessment, Armstrong Avenue finally open to traffic, just to name a few — although there are many more positive things happening.
There are some items that are not going quite as well. I will refer to them as housekeeping. Last week at the council meeting, the mayor prevented me from speaking. I am not speaking for myself! People come to me every week and express their concerns and performance of the city in general. Many people from the Lincoln Park to Armstrong Avenue corridor are still upset about their lawns. Some of the lawns look like weeds were planted instead of grass. A lawn on Elliott Avenue and 10th Street across from the fire hall has 41⁄2-foot weeds growing out of a hole in the front of it. Some lawns have circles that have no grass growing from them; perhaps this was a design item in the project. At least three homeowners have told me that for $11,000, they should have some green grass. I agree!
Another problem appears to be gravel erosion from the alleys. The alleys on Seventh Street by the tire shop, Elliott and Seventh, and 11th and McLeod all have gravel washing into the storm sewer after hard rains. The alley between Cedar and Birch on 14th Street has the start of a Grand Canyon washout. These are MS4 and safety violations.
Two council meetings ago, I talked to the mayor about these items. He told me we have to tie these problems to a project. Seems to me this was done but the monies went to different areas.
Let’s clean up some of these minor housekeeping problems; or do we assess and tax without representation?
Allen Robeck
Allen Robeck is a member of the Glencoe City Council.