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Twitter-in-Chief busy stroking his ego

By Rich Glennie
Our Twitter-in-Chief … “The Twit” for short … is still at it. President Trump continues to tweet his edicts to his loyal followers from his throne somewhere in the White House. Does this guy ever sleep?
If you didn’t know better you would think he anointed himself as king or dictator. Who needs the Constitution, or that pesky balance of powers. By the way, where is Congress in all this current chaos?
The president has single-handedly started a trade war with China by proposing tariffs on “cheap” things coming into the country from one of our biggest trading partners. His rural supporters are getting squeamish as China threatens to reciprocate.
He has single-handedly sent the National Guard to the Mexican border to prevent an alleged horde of immigrants from traveling through Central America and Mexico to our borders. You would have thought we were dealing with an army of red ants!
What’s next? A Canadian wall?
He has single-handedly ticked off every ally we have with his off-the-wall remarks, often using Twitter, criticizing NATO, Great Britain or Germany. Is there any coincidence that Great Britain and Germany are led by females? Just a thought.
He also wants America to show off its might with a huge military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., at taxpayer expense. The Fourth of July seems to be his favorite date. It seems The Twit was impressed by the French and their Bastille Day Parade last July, and now wants one of his own. But bigger.
Isn’t that what dictators like Russian President Vladimir Putin usually do to show off?
I guess we are now required to keep up with the Putins and the Kim Jong Uns of the world, you know that little pep squeak with the bad hairdo who runs North Korea. He marches his military through the streets on a regular basis. Maybe it’s Kim Jong Un’s way of keeping his soldiers’ minds off their growling, empty stomachs.
If Saddam Hussein had not been hung by his own countrymen, President Trump also would have required a bigger parade than the Iraqi dictator. If you see “The Twit” on the parade stand firing a rifle in the air, then we know he has become the new leader of the Third World!
So who is “The Twit” trying to impress? Being the strongest nation in the world already, what do we have to prove to the world with a showy, expensive military parade? Does he really need to act like other tin-horn dictators around the world?
Well, my guess is he has to prove he is the leader with the biggest ego. It seems bigger is the name of his egotistical game.
You got to give The Twit credit. He is the best sleight-of-hand artist since Houdini and the biggest con man since P.T. Barnum. Otherwise, how could he have fooled so many of us for so long?
How many other presidents can you name who were so adept at lighting fires elsewhere to take the public heat away from himself? Richard Nixon? No, Nixon simply lit the fire right under his own presidential chair.
Now we have a president who makes decisions based on television reports and gossip that he agrees with. He seems to think his political appointees and close advisers are simply there to await his best reality show line: “You’re fired!”
Does anyone really take this guy seriously? Apparently his supporters do, and they will follow him to the gates of Hades. Perhaps The Twit should stand in front of a mirror to get a better image of himself. Of course, he would probably call it a fake mirror.
Rich Glennie was the editor of The Chronicle for 23 years. He retired Aug. 1, 2014.