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We must protect our republic from the Socialists within

To the editor,
I recently heard former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann speak on a series of Christian TV programs entitled “A Call to Action to Vote.” Michele gave compelling reasons as to why it is so very important for Christians to come out to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6. She shared many truths about the Democratic Party.
The Democratic Party has veered far to the left. It is embracing viewpoints held by extreme socialists. It has been proposed by a Congresswoman from New York to change the name of the Democratic Party to the Democratic Socialist Party.
Michele stated that the Democratic Party platform is basically a reworking of yesterday’s atheistic Communist Party platform. Many Democratic candidates are embracing these unbiblical viewpoints.
In essence, the Socialistic Democrats want to make all our decisions for us. The ultimate goal of Socialism is to collapse the U.S. and establish a one-world government.
The consequences of losing our republic are severe! Countries who have become Socialistic – Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, communist countries – have fallen into misery and ruin. Never believe it cannot happen here in the U.S.? It can and it will if we allow the Socialists to rule!
We can win our statewide elections but we need every Republican to vote just like they did in 2016 and then some. Democrats outvoted Republicans 2-to-1 in our August 2018 primary. They are very motivated! If we have this same turnout on Tuesday, Nov. 6, we will lose!
Now you must do the hard thing and multiply yourself: Make the phone calls to your immediate and extended families, your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and acquaintances and convince them to vote Republican. Ask them to do the same and contact the people in their sphere of influence.
Vote absentee for any reason (www.mnvotes.org).

Diane Robinson,